Ashtho Engineering PLC is Grade 1 Construction Company registered in the ministry of works and urban development. Ashtho is upgrading of Dream construction PLC Grade 8 Established to current name and Grade.

Since its establishment, ASHTHO has played an enormous role in the nations endeavor to bring a change in the construction sector by delivering various construction projects such as construction of G+4 Building for Addis Ababa Housing Development at Addis Ababa, Tendaho resettlement village at Asboda and Derble (in two Lots), maintenance of teachers training college and Pastoral Agricultural Bureau Building, construction of Rehabilitation of access road in Afar Regional State and Two Slab Bridge in Shahemene.

Currently, we are engaged in the construction of six building projects and one site work. Out of the seven projects, five are located in Dire Dawa Regional administration - Dire Dawa Stadium upgrading project with a contract amount of 212 million, by now around 70% completed and Dire Dawa Learning Resource Center with contract amount 32 million, 60% completed, Dire dawa referral hospital site work with a contract amount of 67 Million, 60% of work completed. The other two projects are newly awarded projects with a contract amount of 206 Million and 176 Million for the construction of G+5 office building project with site work and construction of G+2 Management training Center with site work respectively. The other project is located in Dukem, is a construction of multipurpose commercial building with a contract amount of 35 Million, 95% of work completed.

ASHTHO is a reliable and competent construction firm, and if given the chance pledges to execute the construction of structures to the best quality within the scheduled time and budget.